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DIY Home Decor Crafts You Can Make in Under an Hour

Looking for some DIY home decor you can make under an hour? If you’re want time-saving home decor ideas, I’ve made a list that will help you with home decorating. From room decors to easy craft projects, I’m sure you’ll find something to add to your home.

DIY Home Decor Under an Hour | Home Decor Ideas

Making craft projects take time. I should know since I’ve been making a lot of them for years now. There are times that I want to make a Pinterest DIY home decor I’ve seen but just can’t find the time to squeeze it in my busy schedule. I’m sure you’ve had the same problem like this. You want to make a DIY home decor but just don’t have enough time to do it. So to help you out with that, I’ve compiled a list of DIY home decorating ideas you can make in under an hour. Crafting and your home don’t have to suffer just because you don’t have the time. Read on for some great DIY projects you can work on!

1. Romantic Bed Canopy

Simple Bedroom DIY Home Decor for Teens |

An easy bed decorating idea! Add an elegant touch to your room with some hooks and lacy fabric.

2. DIY Pottery Barn Rustic Lantern Get this rustic DIY home decor in a fraction of the cost. This Pottery Barn inspire lantern would light up any room in your home.

3. Quick and Easy Fabric Wall Art

Make a wall art that will just take you minutes to complete. Use any fabric design and color, you can even use a t-shirt!

4. DIY Geometric Photo Holders

If you want something adorable to hold your precious photos, make this DIY photo holder. Make it in any shape and color you want!

5. DIY State String Art

Create a customized string art of your state. You can even make any art with any pattern you like.

6. Under an Hour Floor Pillow

This would be the perfect DIY room decor to your kid’s room or even your room. I’ve stuffed mine with all of the extra stuffed animals my little darling has collected.DIY Home Decor Crafts |

7. Easy Mason Jar Lantern


Get ready to spend more time outdoor when you make this super easy mason jar lantern. You can also hang them indoors for a romantic ambiance.

8. Clipboard Wall

Easy Home Decor DIY Projects | to display your amazing works of art or precious photos? Make this super easy clipboard wall, it will only take you a couple of minutes.






9. DIY Custom Ombre Dip-dyed Curtains

DIY Curtain Home Decor Project | you know that just adding curtains can create a dramatic effect in your home? Check out how to add more color with ombre.





10. Nautical Rope Vase

Easy and Simple DIY Home Decor Projects |

Sometimes, we own a vase we had no idea what we were thinking when we bought it. Need a quick fix? Turn it into this cool nautical rope vase.





11. DIY No Sew Bow Pillow Covers

Simple DIY Home Decor Projects for Bedroom |

Adding fun and cute pillows can make a big difference. The best part about this craft project is that it just takes a few minutes and you don’t have to sew anything.

12. DIY Upcycled Vintage Lamp


Add light to any room with this upcycling project. Give a vintage touch to your home decor with this DIY lamp.


13. DIY Upholstered Headboard

Easy DIY Home Decor for Bedroom on a Budget |

Did you know that you can make a super easy DIY headboard using a comforter?

14. Decorative Folding Screen

Creative Wood DIY Home Decor Ideas |

A home decor project apartment owners should make. Whether you need a divider or just a little privacy, this will do the trick.

15. DIY Chevron Stenciled Rug

Easy and Creative Kitchen DIY Home Decor |

Add a touch of color to your rugs with stencils. Create this beautiful stencil pattern and make your kitchen or any part of your home look amazing.









16. Faux Hanging Pink Ombre Shelves

Simple DIY Home Decor Ideas |

Create an illusion of hanging shelves with this witty DIY home decor project.

17. DIY Yarn Wall Hanging

Cheap and Easy DIY Home Decor Wall Projects |

A yarn project you don’t have to weave. Make this elegant wall art project with some yarn and copper wire.




18. DIY Coffee Table

Repurpose and old crate and turn it into a lovely coffee table.

19. Bling Push Pin Art

Make an amazing wall art in just minutes with a canvas and some push pins.

Want more DIY home decorating ideas to try?

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