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Is Real Estate like Playoff Football?

How Playoff Football is Like Real Estate?


OK- I bet you are tired of how I can tie just about anything to real estate!  To me, it just shows you what a big part of life real estate is.  After all- part of the American Dream is owning your own piece of real estate.


I’ve watched a lot of playoff football in the last couple of weeks.  Both college and professional.   I’ve decided the road to the college National Championship, or the Super Bowl is a lot like buying a house.


When the season starts, or when you begin your search for a new home, there is boundless enthusiasm.  Every team is a title contender, and most every house you look at on-line looks perfect.


As the season progresses all but a few teams will lose a game or two, and those houses that looked perfect on-line, end up on the sidelines in real life.


Finally, you make it to the playoffs.  Just a handful of teams remain in contention for the championship, and only a few houses remain on the list to be your new home.


But just like in football, it’s not always team versus team and a game played on the field.  Every once in a while, those pesky officials interject themselves into the game.  In both the NFC and AFC league Championship games this year, officials played a part in the outcome of the game.  And, in the opinion of some, because of the actions of the officials, perhaps the best team didn’t win the game.


In real estate, we also have “officials” that can interject themselves into a transaction.  Officials like lenders, underwriters, appraisers, home inspectors and others can and do influence the outcome of our game.  As realtors, we often serve as the “replay official” advising when and how to take a second or different look at a situation.  We are often the party throwing the “challenge flag” for our clients.  I can think of dozens of times that we have helped “overturn a penalty” that resulted in a win for our clients.


In the end the game is played and a winner is determined.   A Champion is crowned, and a client moves into a new home.


While it’s fun to make analogies between football and real estate, at The Erhardt Group, we don’t play games when it comes to handling your real estate transaction.  Our team of agents and assistants provide top level service and advice to ensure your transaction is penalty free!


Building friendships and enhancing lives through home ownership!

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