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Ring, Ring, RING!

It’s your doorbell! AND IT’S FREE- More on that later.


The hottest home improvement items these days are “Smart” accessories.  From Smart speakers like Amazon’s Alexa, to Smart thermostats like NEST, or even Smart garage door openers, SMART devices are showing up everywhere in the house.  One of the most popular SMART devices is the Ring Doorbell.  (Ring is an Amazon company).  The Ring doorbell is a wireless camera and recording device that works in conjunction with an app on your phone or tablet.  It is triggered by motion.  When someone (or thing!) approaches your home, the Ring Doorbell notifies you via the app, and allows you to see in real-time what is happening at your door.   It’s a great security device.  You can tell when UPS drops a package on your porch, you’ll know the kids are home from school, or you’ll know that someone who shouldn’t be at your home is trying to get in.   The Ring doorbell is credited with slowing down and helping to solve the problem of “porch pirates”, or people who steal just delivered packages from your porch.  You’ll often see Ring doorbell video showing a thief on the evening news or shared on social media.  Law enforcement agencies say these videos often help identify the criminal.


The Ring Doorbell is simple to install and easy to set up and use.  It includes a rechargeable battery that last 2-3 months between charges.


Sounds great right?  HOW WOULD YOU LIKE A FREE RING DOORBELL?  The Erhardt Group is giving away a Ring Doorbell every month in 2020.  Simply attend and sign-in at any Erhardt Group Open House or engage with us on Social Media.  Like or share a post on our Facebook or Instagram pages.  We will put your name into a drawing, and you might be like Steve L, our winner from January.  Steve visited MacKinnon with the Erhardt Group at an open house in the new Gentry Crossing neighborhood.  We post our Open Houses on our Facebook page each week.  We hope to see you soon- and maybe we will Ring your doorbell!

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